Douglas Bluma

DJ Bluma

Background: DJ Bluma, Co-Founder and President. DJ is originally from the Milwaukee area where he developed a strong interest in computing at an early age (at 14 he built his first computer!). After working in the Small Business Development Center at WCTC, he formed his own website design business (Local Web Design) and network services business (Lean Tech Systems) in 2009. Local Web Design and Lean Tech were later merged in January 2018 to form Badgerland IT. Most recently, he was an application development team leader at North Shore Bank where he gained valuable experience with applications, databases and the security aspects of banking. DJ's hobbies include automobile racing, poker, sports and travel. DJ oversees all Badgerland IT activities including WheeliWorld, web development, network implementations and technology innovations.

Creds: Computer Network Specialist Associates Degree from Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) with an Advanced Technical Certificate in Computer Networking; BS in Computer Science from Lakeland College