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What are WheeliWorld Accessibility Tours?

Badgerland IT's new product, WheeliWorld, is an interactive software application that will enable individuals with disabilities to make a "go/no-go" decision about a venue that they would like to visit. WheeliWorld’s online directory will consist of venues with 360° photos highlighting key features such as parking lots, entranceways and bathrooms that will determine their accessibility.

WheeliWorld Virtual Tours for Accessibility

WheeliWorld software enables individuals with disabilities to experience a venue from their own unique perspective (before visiting) and to make informed "Go/No-Go" decisions regarding accessibility.


WheeliWorld 360-degree videos and pictures are idea for your company's different marketing platforms.


By recording your live events, WheeliWorld technology will provide real-life experiences for people unable to attend an event in-person. Ideal for sporting events, conferences and family events.


Using the WheeliWorld drone will enable 360-degree aerial videos to be incorporated into your company's promotional campaigns. Ideal for large campuses, industrial parks, golf courses and tourism.

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Set your Business Apart From The Rest

Badgerland IT Services will capture 360-degree photos to create a Virtual Tour that enables visitors to experience a “walk-through”
for any particular place. Because WheeliWorld enables visitors to choose their own point of view for each video or photo, the tour becomes a uniquely personal and informative

Increase Customer Interest

Engage your customers with visual features of your business. According to Google researchers, listings with a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate greater interest.

Improve Brand Awareness

Support your brand in a completely new interactive way...better than ever before. WheeliWorld helps customers realize the quality of your business site or products without actually being there.

Generate Local Visibility

WheeliWorld can help drive people to your company. Many companies rely on Google for online visibility. Using WheeliWorld will improve your company’s Google ranking by submitting virtual tours to Google Maps. Note that when searching for a business, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time and most of these searches result in on-site visits.

Stand out from the competition

Improving the customer experience with a WheeliWorld virtual tour will bring your company to life in an interactive way, potentially saving time and effort to close deals and thereby improving your company’s process efficiency.

Enhance your website

Bring your website to an all-time high level with captivating 360-degree photos and videos of your business.

Promote on many platforms

Improve your marketing campaigns by sharing WheeliWorld on different platforms such as:
  • > Facebook
  • > YouTube
  • > Google Maps
  • > Websites
  • > Snapchat
  • > Instagram (only video)
  • > LinkedIN (only video)